Portable AirPrint Printers For iPad : iPhone : MacBooks

Portable Printers With AirPrint

AirPrint Compatible Portable Wireless Printers

Epson WorkForce 100 AirPrint Mobile Printer

Epson's Apple AirPrint compatible portable printer is the lighest and most compact of all making the WF-100 our #1 wireless mobile printing choice for livability on the road.

WF-100 Epson Mobile Printer

Wireless OSX + IOS Printing

With built in USB, WiFi, and WiFi Direct, printing from an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Mac is a snap. A small color LCD display helps with setup. The printer can be trickle-charged from your MacBook's USB port and it features an internal power-supply so only an AC power cord and not a separate power brick needs to be toted along for travel.

Canon Pixma iP110 AirPrint Mobile Printer

Canon's Apple AirPrint compatible portable printer is the most affordable USB and Wireless travel printer available for iOS and MacOS users. Well, at least the base printer is.

iP110 Canon AirPrint MacBook Printer

Wireless OSX & IOS Device Compatible Printing

It's important to note that the battery is optional, sold separately, expensive, and adds to it's weight if you must print where there's no AC power available. Also unlike Epson and HP's travel printers it does NOT SUPPORT WI-FI DIRECT which lets you print directly to the printer: You must have a wireless network available.

HP OfficeJet 200 AirPrint Mobile Printer

Hewlett Packard's Apple AirPrint compatible portable printer for MacBooks and iOS devices was recently revised to include WiFi instead of Bluetooth in earlier models.

HP 200 Portable MacBook Printer

USB + WiFi Mobile Inkjet Printing

The OJ 200's wireless features opens the door for much simpler connectivity and faster and reliable printing from handheld iOS gadgets and Macs. A grayscale LCD helps with setup and the battery is included. Optional high-capacity XL ink cartridges last longer and will save money of the useful life of the printer.

HP OfficeJet 250 AirPrint Mobile Scanner - Printer - Copier

Hewlett Packard's Airprint compatible MFP multi-function portable printer delivers USB, wireless and WiFi Direct print, scan and copy functions. For many business users on the go, the ability to copy and scan reciepts, purchase orders, documents and invoices is essential.

HP 250 All-In-One Travel Printer

USB & WiFi Print + Scan + Copy

The tradeoff for this extra functionality is extra bulk and weight making it the largest and heaviest of the few available portable scan / copy / print multifunction travel printers sold. (The far more compact All-In-One alternative, the Primera Trio is USB ONLY and incompatible with WiFi or AirPrint printing.) On the plus side, the OJ 250 has a touch-sensitive color LCD control panel makes operation easy. XL high-capacity ink cartridges are available for significant operational cost savings.