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Apple Compatible WiFi Scanners

Best Wireless Mobile Scanners

Shopping for an Apple compatible wireless portable scanner? As with many other computer peripherals - there's a keen interest in ditching a wired USB connection in favor of the ability to scan wirelessly. Fortunately most of the Mac compatible mobile scanner manufacturers have revised or introduced wireless WiFi scanning models to address this market. And it's not just MacOS, these WiFi scan peripherals also play nice with iOS handheld mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad tablets.

Portable WiFi Scanners For MacBook Pro & Air

Doxie WiFi Portable Scanner For Mac

Doxie is one of the few battery-powered wireless mobile scanners for MacBook users that offers a flip-up paper tray to support ADF - Automatic Document Feed for larger scannning tasks where single-sheet hand-feeding would be tedious. Mac, PC and iOS apps are included. With built in memory, it can function completely stand-alone yet is ready to connect to your MacBook or iPhone or iPad when needed.
Doxie Wireless Scanner For OSX & iOS

With Automatic Document Sheet Feeder

Epson WiFi Portable Scanner For iOS & MacOS

In Epson's Apple friendly WorkForce series of mobile scanners the 1.1 pound DS-40 is a great option for battery or USB powered wireless duplex color scanning on the road. Scan documents directly to your iOS iPhone or iPad tablet with Epson's DocumentScan app. You can preview the scanned data and send it directly to applications or to cloud services like Evernote, Google Drive, DropBox and others.
Epson WF-40 Wireless Mobile Scanner

For Mac OSX or PC's

Brother WiFi Portable Scanner For Mac

Brother USA has long delivered mobile scanning solutions for the MacOS market. As they transition from portable USB scanners to new models with integrate wireless scanning abilities they currently offer the IOS and Mac friendly SD-920DW duplex color WiFi mobile scanner. You can scan to files, an image, e-mail, FTP, shared folders, it's 4GB SD Card, to a printer, or to Apple iPad or iPhone mobile devices.

WiFi Mobile Scanner For MacBooks

Color, Duplex, SD Storage, LCD Display

Cheap Wireless Mobile Scanner For MacBooks

The ION Air Copy might be a good choice for MacOS or iOS portable WiFi scanning on a budget. 300 or 600 DPI color scans in a compact, USB rechargeable battery powered travel scanner.

Low-Cost Portable WiFi Color Scanner

USB or Battery Powered - OSX or iOS

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