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Best Printers For MacBook Pro Or Air

MacBook Compatible Laptop Printers

These Apple friendly mobile printing solutions use battery-power on the road or optional A/C power when available. These small travel printers are ideal for MacBook Pro, Air and Retina Display laptop users. Compact, slim and lightweight portable inkjet printers for MacBook notebooks afford casual and business printing anywhere or anytime.

Wireless Portable Air Printer For MacBook From Epson

In 2015, Epson finally joined the mobile printing market with it's wireless WF-100 WorkForce portable printing offering. A 3.5 pounds, it offers one of the lightest and smallest Mac compatible travel printers currently available.

WF-100 Epson Mobile Printer

Wireless OSX + IOS Printing

Epson's compact mobile inkjet printer supports both WiFi wireless Apple iOS device and OSX printing and direct USB connections, and an LCD display control panel. The integrated Li-On battery is rechargeable via AC or with a USB cable from your laptop - a significant convenience over other Mac-friendly small printer options.

All-In-1 MacBook Laptop Printer-Scanner From Primera

The Primera Trio offers MacBook laptop users a minimalist 2.6 pound mobile print / scan / copy solution for select environments. It's now the smallest battery-powered mobile printer with scanner and copy capabilities.

Multi-Function USB Portable Printer

With Sheetfed Scan and Copy

Primera's All-In-One is USB only so it's more suitable for laptops than iPad or iPhone printing. It holds only a single ink cartridge: Black *or* Color but not both at once. High-capacity ink tanks are available for less frequent replacement. A $60 battery is optional - which can be trickle-charged by your MacBook's USB port. Other available accessories include a cigarette lighter power adapter and laptop & printer travel case.

Portable MacBook Printer Models From HP

Hewlett-Packard has agressively went after the portable printer market Canon once dominated and one-upped them. Recently HP added a revised battery-powered portable printer with the OfficeJet 200. It features much faster print speeds, integrated LiOn battery and a greyscale LCD control panel.

HP 200 Portable MacBook Printer

USB + WiFi Direct Mobile Printing

They also updated their portable All-In-One to the new OfficeJet 250 AIO Multi-Function printer for Mac OSX, iOS and Windows PC's. The 250 added WiFi connectivity and has 600 DPI Scan and Copy functions built-in. HP's OJ250 mobile printer scanner copier also offers a color LCD screen touch-control panel for easy operation.

HP 250 Portable All-In-One

WiFi Print - Scan - Copy

These new printers retain USB 2.0 - but instead of Bluetooth - now add 802.11 wireless with WiFi Direct for easy Mac or IOS mobile device printing as standard. With a PictBridge USB port, it supports photo transfers input from digital cameras, USB flash drives, or SD card readers as well.

Canon Mobile Laptop MacBook Pro and Air Printers

Canon has been making Apple compatible laptop printers longer than anyone - and continue to deliver an ever refined portable printer ideal for Apple MacBook users. The latest revision is now the IP110. Canon's printer is slimmer and far less chunkier than HP's offering - making it a bit easier to travel with. Unfortunately, additional costs for optional (and rather large, heavy, and expensive) bolt-on battery might make this a tougher buying decision.

Wirelesss iP110 Canon Travel Printer

Portable AirPrint Mobile Printing

Canon updated it's 110 model mobile printer with both USB and wireless WiFi built-in. Apple AirPrint compatibility makes for easy remote printing from an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - as well as from any MacBook Pro or Air laptop or desktop Macintosh. Now in a charcoal gray case, it uses the same Canon 35/36 black/color ink cartridges as it's predecessor.

Discontinued Canon Printer

With the arrival of the IP110 - the 100-model has been discontinued but may still be available at a bargain price.

Canon Pixma iP100 Inkjet

USB Laptop Photo Printer
-- At under 5 pounds and measuring 12.7 x 2.4 x 7.2 inches, Canon delivers a small and light AC and (optionally) battery-powered Mac compatible USB portable printer. This model has seen improvements to higher resolution, faster printing speeds and a wider range of connectivity options over the years. Currently retailing for around $150 USD, it's the most affordable laptop printer available.

Optional BU-30 Bluetooth Printer Adapter -- This USB receiver from Canon allows simple OSX Wireless Bluetooth discovery, pairing and printing from your MacBook to the iP100 mobile printer. There is a compartment inside the Pixma iP100 to mount the wireless Bluetooth adapter so the dongle doesn't hang off the back of the printer.

Rechargeable Battery for iP110 and iP100 - NOTE: A battery is NOT included with the iP100! For those who know they'll want to print from their MacBook laptop where A/C power ain't available will want to order one along with your printer. This battery screws into to the back of the printer.

Since the dawn of the inkjet printer era - Canon has long had a BubbleJet compact printer that met the needs of laptop computer users on the road. Particularly for sales-folk or other business professionals, sometimes you just GOT to have a mobile MacBook printing solution to be able to directly print out a critical document on the seat of your car, or in your motel room at a moment's notice. Macintosh desktop or some MacBook users with light printing needs may simply want a slim, lean and mean compact printer with a small footprint.

Discontinued HP Mobile Printers For Mac

Hewlett-Packards _previous_ generation of mobile printers have been discontinued and may or may not be still available on the close-out, refurb markets. Now replaced by the 200 printer and 250 AIO, You might be able to snag a deal on the discontinued 100 and 150 models.

HP Bluetooth AIO Printer/Copier

Portable Print - Scan - Copy
- As the first multifunction portable printer, scanner and copier for Mac OSX, the HP OfficeJet 150 offers a one of a kind portable office solution for business or personal travel that many Apple computer users have longed for.

For just printing, the lower-cost OJ100 may be all you need. It too offers both USB 2.0 and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

OfficeJet 100 Mobile Printer
Wireless Mac Mobile Printer
Bluetooth Laptop Printer

HP's Officejet 100 Portable Printer offers a reasonably compact silver, grey and white design that will appeal to Apple MacBook Pro and Air owners. With Mac Bluetooth Printing abilities as standard equipment, it's one of the few wireless Bluetooth printers on the market. There's also a USB 2.0 port for conventional wired Mac OSX connectivity. Faster print speeds and long-life Lithum-Ion battery for up to 500 pages makes it ideal for MacBook professionals printing needs on the road.

If you print a lot from your MacBook Air or Pro on the road, we recommend stocking-up on the appropriate HP 94/95 Black and 97/98 Color replacement ink cartridges. If available, extra high-capacity XL carts will squeeze out an extra 100 pages of prints while you travel, and are worth the slight price premium over their 'standard' cartridges.

After testing these HP printers in our Apple compatibility labs many of us felt when it was time to upgrade and we bought a new printer, the compact and small HP250 scanner-printer-copier would be ideal replace the big, clunky All-In-One's currently hogging up desktop space - and be ready for travel when needed. Sometimes less is more!

HP H470wbt Portable OfficeJet
USB 2.0 + Bluetooth Printing
-- A few features make this an excellent portable MacBook Air or Printer printer option: With USB and Bluetooth connectivity and battery included (unlike Canon where a battery is 'optional'...) - HP delivers a complete out-of-the box portable printing solution. The HP H470WBT printer also offers Pict-Bridge support and flash memory card slot for photo transfers.

USB 2.0 Laptop Printer
HP Mobile OfficeJet
- With USB connectivity only - is the slightly cheaper H470 model. (But it still features PictBridge and Memory card reader.) Its a more affordable portable laptop printing solution from Hewlett-Packard.

MacBook Portable Printer OSX Compatibility

Apple OSX Sierra, ElCapitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Leopard have hundreds of print drivers built in for these portable laptop printers and other inkjets, lasers and MFP - AIO All-In-One printing solutions. If you encounter printing problems on your MacBook and mobile printer, run Software Upated to ensure you have the latest Mac printer drivers, or visit Hewlett-Packard or Canon USA websites for latest OSX Mavericks, Yosemite, Lepoard and Lion print driver versions.

Apple Mobile Printing Trends

Small Printers for Mac are in high demand. With more than three fourths of all Mac computer users choosing a MacBook Air or Pro laptop, mobility is obviously high on consumer's radar. Add to that the massive increase in iPhone and iPad tablet printing interests and there's a huge demand for lightweight, battery powered printing solutions.

The general trend in mobile computing is relentlessly simple: Slimmer, thinner, lighter, with better battery life, at ever lower prices. Given that printers are highly mechanical devices, even the slimmest and lightest printer (like the Canon iP100 or iP110) measures around 12"x7.5"x2.5" (not including battery) or the most fully featured (Like the HP 150 with scanning and LCD control display) which measures around 14"x7"x3.5. Both are still very bulky compared to the MacBook's or iGadgets that can print to them! There was still a need and opportunity for printer manufacturers to 'trim the fat' and slim down travel inkjet printers to a more manageable and totable size. Epson's new WF-100 printer is now the smallest and lightest portable printer for MacBook Air and Pro users ever offered, slimming a few inches and